Marketing Services

Market Research

Market Research

Business consulting is impossible without deep market research. It is also required for drawing up an improvement plan that will make a positive impact on your business.
Sales & Pricing Analysis

Sales & Pricing Analysis

Sales & pricing analysis are important elements of modern business consulting. They give you information on the latest sales trends and the possible ways to improve them.
Direct Mail & Mass Marketing

Direct Mail & Mass Marketing

These latest methods of marketing can increase the promotion of your products and open market niches for your new ideas and concepts.
Product Analysis including Price Analysis

Product Analysis including Price Analysis

In addition to the deep analysis of your company, we also offer pricing analysis. Am area of business consulting that can help you understand what must be changed in the pricing strategy of your products.

Online Services

Selling Online

With the development of e-commerce, it became easier to cater to the needs of targeted audiences of contemporary business. We can help calculate the best direction to help streamline your company’s sales.


Search Engine Optimization

If you want to make the products on your website popular, you need to know how to get them on the first pages of the search results in Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Luckily, we can help you with it.

Business Planning & Coaching

Expert Business Plans

For those companies who require a specific approach to improvement of their business activity, we are always ready to provide detailed business plans that include specific information on sales and product promotion.

Marketing Plans

We can provide a comprehensive marketing plan that addresses the promotional needs of your company. To help better promote your products and services to increase your sales.

Business Evaluation

If you were to try and sell your company today, would you know how much it is worth? Would you know how much someone would be willing to pay you for it? We can help with your evaluation with industry specific

Improve your Business Strategies!

Business Services

Offering ideas that raise your business above the expectations

We use our creative potential in numerous challenging processes – from generating new ideas of improvements to integrating them by means of a business plan. While each of our projects are based on deep market study, we apply our knowledge to improve ourselves to produce better ideas for other companies like yours.

Performing various types of consulting have helped enable our company to understand the needs of business, both domestic and international. It is the main reason of our advancement in other spheres of business and services.